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Chloe's Wish To Meet Disney® Princesses

Chloe Finding Nemo

“ Her excitement was indescribable... ”

- Amy, Chloe's mother

For young Chloe who is just 5-years-old, dreams really do come true.

After suffering her first seizure in April 2010, making several trips to hospitals out of town and being diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and tuberous sclerosis, Chloe’s Make-A-Wish® volunteers gave her the chance to have her one heartfelt wish granted: to meet the Disney Princesses.

Chloe’s week-long trip with her family at Walt Disney World® Resort began on April 21. During their adventure, Chloe enjoyed watching The Little Mermaid and Beauty and Beast shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios™ and riding her very first roller coaster! Chloe’s mother Amy said, “she was just smiling the entire time.” But on the big day of meeting the Princesses, Chloe’s excitement was indescribable. She could not wait to meet Cinderella and Aurora, but especially Cinderella, her favorite!

Another special moment along their fun-packed adventure was on Easter night as Chloe and her family were sitting down to dinner. Mayor Clayton of Give Kids The World® decided to come by to tuck Chloe and her brother in for bedtime, but before tucking them in, they had a little fun jumping on the bed and throwing around the covers. This was of course after Mayor Clayton pretended to steal their Easter candy from their baskets. Silly rabbit!

Wish mom Amy said “the trip came at a  great time. We all needed to get away. The past year has been tough on everyone, including Eli (Chloe’s brother). It was great that Chloe got her wish and Eli was able to do all of the fun things as well. We didn’t have to worry about bills or anything, just enjoyed the time together.”

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