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Internship Opportunities

Professionals-in-training at Make-A-Wish have the opportunity to make a difference every day! We utilize student interns throughout the year in a variety of positions in both of our offices. All positions are located in Greenville, SC and we offer flexible scheduling, a high-energy and rewarding environment, and meaningful work that makes a difference!

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graduation hat

Typical Dates of Internships
Summer 2019: May 27-Aug 16, 2019
Fall 2019: Aug 26. 2019-Dec 13, 2019
Spring 2020: Jan 6, 2020-May 15, 2020
Summer 2020: May 25, 2020-Aug 14, 2020

Compensation/Credit - Internships are unpaid internships. Make-A-Wish South Carolina encourages interns to work with their school's Internship Office to seek course credit for internships. 

Length of Internships - Internships typically last 10 to 16 weeks as mutually agreed upon by the intern and Make-A-Wish South Carolina. Typical internships are 20 hours per week and will not exceed 40 hours per week. Hours/daily schedule will be determined on a case-by-case basis and agreed on upon acceptance of an internship.  However, intern must be able to commit to at least 2 days a week and a minimum of 5 hours each day.

Communications Internships 

Description: The intern for communications oversees a three-point project. With this project the intern will gain experience and knowledge in nonprofit best practices involving donor development, working with constituents, and marketing plus creative services. 

  • Social Media Management - The intern will serve as the point-person for managing the chapter’s social media content calendar which includes content creation, daily scheduling and improvisation for all platforms. The intern will also handle copy-writing of social media language and work with influencers and business partners regarding campaign schedules and promotion. This project requires a high attention to detail, proofreading and the ability to source materials from multiple locations.
  • Signature Event Marketing -The intern will assist the Director of Communications in promoting the chapter’s signature events. The intern will post on social media regarding the events, assist in creating media advisories, communicating directly to media, undertaking grassroots promotion efforts and aid in creation of collateral materials.
  • Wish Stories & Creative Services - The intern will be responsible for writing wish stories – engaging and creative tales of a wish kid’s journey and wish experience. The intern will also assist the communications/development staff in the creation of print & digital collateral requiring creative services such as website setup, sponsorship packets and flyers. Wish stories & collateral are key components in sharing our mission with supporters.
Other projects & assignments given on an as-needed basis. Description is not all-inclusive.

Desired Qualifications:
• Ability to professionally communicate, both orally and in writing
• Neat penmanship
• Passion for creative writing and problem solving
• Ability to handle constructive feedback and take creative direction
• Be able to balance multiple projects in a deadline driven environment
• Be a self-starter who seeks and finds ways to help
• High proficiency in WORD, Excel and Outlook
• Photoshop and/or InDesign experience is extremely helpful
• HTML experience helpful
• Have a passion for helping others and belief in the mission of Make-A-Wish.

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Creative Services & Communications Internships


  • Aid Make-A-Wish South Carolina's Communications Department in the design and layout of various marketing materials for both print and web including but not limited to: reports, booklets, info-sheets, brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.
  • Edit, color correct, and crop photographic images for use in publications, web, and social media.
  • Attend team meetings to determine design needs and work with Director of Communications to create plans for completion.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Candidates must be working towards an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design or a related field.
  • Interest in working in non-profit or children’s wellness programs.
  • Solid Experience using Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign).
  • Experience designing in various formats using digital AND print design production.
  • Ability to work independently or on a team with strong attention to detail.
  • Be a self-starter who seeks and finds ways to help.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with a passion for creative writing and problem solving.
  • Experience with HTML a plus.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office 365 (WORD, Excel, Outlook)
  • Ability to handle constructive feedback and take creative direction.
Other projects & assignments given on an as-needed basis. Description is not all-inclusive.

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Special Events & Programs Internships

Description: As the Special Events & Programs intern, you'll assist with the cultivation of events from auction prospecting to event logistics.  Your help will also be integral to helping create thank-you packets for donors, build campaign assets for corporate partners and help plan wish kid-related activities.  

Duties Include: 
• Working with development staff on all internal/external events
• Assisting development staff with auction solicitations
• Creating auction donor and sponsorship prospect list
• Working with development staff on all event logistics
• Managing auction website
• Processing and sending fundraising agreements
• Writing and sending thank you notes
• Managing event inventory

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Internship Experiences

Make-A-Wish®South Carolina offers students an excellent way to gain real world experience. Find out what it takes from our former interns.

Danielle's Internship Experience:

Intern Danielle with wish kid Jackson"I think most people are under the impression that internships are grueling and that the only thing that makes it all worth it is the experience. To anyone interested in the Communications internship, I have to tell you that working here is nothing like that. I have never before worked in a place that encouraged my creativity and input as much as Make-A-Wish South Carolina did. Here, I felt supported and part of a team. 

Being the Communications intern showed me just how important it is to reach out and engage with the community. In achieving our mission to grant wishes to children with critical illnesses, every person makes a difference, and every message you craft is important. 

I would say the best aspects of this internship included writing wish stories or promoting our partnerships or any number of other things, but I think what was most special about this job was that it never felt like a job. Working to grant as many wishes as we can for children with critical illnesses is meaningful, and when you consider who all of your work is for, it really is worth it. This internship is beyond a resume booster or some extra experience, it matters. The kids matter. The work you do matters."

Carryl's Internship Experience:

Intern CarrylI spent the summer working as the communications intern at Make-A-Wish® South Carolina. As I sat in a staff meeting one Wednesday afternoon, I began to understand what really goes on behind the scenes. I heard facts: how many children receive their one true wish, I heard project planning: event coordination and I heard goals: social media outreach planning. It was then that I realized where my deep love for the nonprofit world comes from.

It can be hectic. It is sometimes messy. It is often overwhelming. But, each person is united on one thing: the mission to “grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.” No matter how many extra hours they work or how many after-hours calls they take from wish families, donors or volunteers, they are passionate about granting wishes for these children whose lives are hectic, sometimes messy, and yes, overwhelming. 

If you were to ask me if you should be a Wish Intern, a smile would fill my face as I remember the joy and fulfillment each day at Make-A-Wish brought. My answer would, of course, be yes. It would be yes because you will learn what nonprofit life is like, which is helpful if you are like me and want to spend your future in the nonprofit sector. It would be yes because you will work alongside and learn from some of the most dedicated people I know. It would be yes because each parent you talk to, story you write, and picture you post will leave an imprint on your heart that will change you for the better.
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