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“ They truly deserve everything in the world, so I am giving them everything I have to offer. ”

- Patrick

Imagine you could wish for anything in the world. Imagine you could go anywhere, be anything, meet anyone or have anything. Now imagine you choose none of those things but instead, after battling a life-threatening illness, you wish to give back to help other kids fighting cancer. This is Patrick's story.

During treatment for osteosarcoma of the facial bone, wish kid Patrick, would walk up and down the halls of his hospital and replay in his mind fun dirt races he had watched. Fascinated by the engineering of the cars and the skills of the drivers and the sheer rawness of the track, Patrick couldn't wait until he would be out of the hospital and once again at the track with his dad and brothers experiencing the thrill of the Cherokee Speedway. 

But he learned something while in the hospital. He learned that there were other children facing life-threatening medical conditions and that he was seeing the world from a new perspective. Patrick doesn't take a single day or opportunity for granted. He loves Mondays, school and his family and wants to help other kids with cancer feel that same joy, courage and positive outlook. So, when he was given a wish through Make-A-Wish South Carolina he wished to give back to a local children’s charity.

To fulfill his wish, Patrick raised funds for Clement's Kindness Fund for the Children, a non-profit created to address the medical, psychological, social, emotional and financial needs of Upstate families impacted by pediatric cancer or serious blood disorders. Patrick raised funds in two ways: 1) an online giving page hosted by Make-A-Wish South Carolina and 2) a fundraiser hosted by Cherokee Speedway on March 5th.  At the Speedway, Make-A-Wish hosted a booth with donation buckets and passed buckets through the stands for attendees to donate. Patrick was engaged in every aspect of his fundraiser, determined to make the focus not himself but on the goal of the fundraiser. He personally thanked donors and made a powerful speech during intermission to share his story and passion for giving back with the attendees.

Though he was insistent the wish wasn't about him, everyone wanted to make the day extra special for Patrick too so with the help of Cherokee Speedway he received a V.I.P. treatment getting to meet many drivers, tour their "long haulers", wave the green flag for a qualifying race, received tons of swag and even got to get into a race car!  

Patrick's fundraiser was a roaring success. He fundraised over $9,000.00! 

Patrick has touched so many lives with his heartfelt efforts. Many families will experience joy for years to come from his wish to give.

Patrick with a check

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