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A TV wish that brings a wish kid's family together

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It was such an honor to be able to watch this historic event in person.

- Maggie's dad

Maggie and her family bonded over a television show that offered an escape from life's challenges. For her wish, Maggie wanted to make sure her family got to celebrate that show at it's final bow.

Maggie has grown-up viewing the television show American Idol®. For years, two evenings a week, her family has gathered together to watch the television show, cheer for their favorite contestants and rave about performances. When Maggie was diagnosed with cancer, watching American Idol with her family took on a whole new meaning. It was a time to enjoy one another’s company and enjoy a show that provided an escape from the harsh reality of doctor’s visits and medical treatments. When Maggie was given the chance to choose her one true wish, American Idol was in its final season and she knew she didn’t want to miss a chance to see it firsthand.

To begin Maggie’s wish, the family flew out of South Carolina to Los Angeles.  Wasting no time, the night they landed, they went straight to the Santa Monica pier to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  One of the things Maggie wanted to do in L.A. was see the famous Hollywood sign.  She was surprised the next morning when she woke up and could the see the sign from her own hotel room’s window.  Before the main event of her wish, Maggie was delighted to go on a sightseeing bus tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the surrounding area.   

A chauffeured limousine drove Maggie to the theater which made her feel like one of the stars.  After checking in with producers, she was surprised to have a door opened before her revealing a room full of the show’s finalists.  It was a complete surprise and such a pleasant shock to see people in person that she had been watching on TV. 

The stars were all very kind to Maggie.  They complimented her on her curly hair, talked to her about her favorite sport (softball), and her cupcake business.  Maggie’s dad, Andy said, “I could tell they genuinely cared about her.  After talking and taking pictures, we gave each of the stars a purple wrist band that Maggie’s supporters at home wear.  Two stars wore the purple wrist band on the show.  That meant a lot to Maggie (and the whole family).”

The show was spectacular, and Maggie and her family thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was such an honor to be able to watch this in person.  “It was such an honor to be able to watch this historic event in person, since the entire family have been fans of the show since it first started,” said her dad. Then the biggest news arrived, Maggie was going to the VIP after party!  

The V.I.P. party was a classy event and a phenomenal experience for Maggie.  She had the opportunity to meet several celebrities, past contestants and spend more time with the finalists.  She also spent some time with the network liaisons that helped arrange her wish which made Maggie very happy.

Her dad recalls, “Maggie definitely received V.I.P. treatment and this experience is something she and the entire family will remember for the rest of our life.  Everyone involved with Make-A-Wish was extremely kind and helpful, and all aspects of the wish arrangements were first class.  It was very humbling to know that we got to experience this trip based on the kindness and generosity of others.  I wanted to pass along our sincere appreciation to everyone at Make-A-Wish that made this wish possible for Maggie.”  

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