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Cenydre's Wish To Have An Interactive Play Session

Cenydre and siblings

“ We are so thankful for this opportunity to play with Cenydre and have everyone be involved. ”

- Cenydre's Grandmother

Cenydre is a 5-year-old boy from Holly Hill, with Hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid in the brain. He is a sweet boy who interacts most to colors, movement, and music.  When deciding on a wish, his family worked with Make-A-Wish volunteers and staff to create a truly unique experience that would unify his family through a common form of fun-filled communication - Kindermusik!

Kindermusik is a program where children can interact and learn through movement and music. This learning-rich environment encourages children of all ages to communicate and  interact in a way most comfortable to them, while learning every step of the way!

Volunteers and staff were able to get the whole community involved!  A local elementary school and country club generously opened their doors and hearts to Cenydre so everyone could have an accommodating area to enjoy their time together.  Alongside Kindermusik instructor, Alison, Cenydre and his family were provided the opportunity to play both indoors and outdoors with all sorts of toys; including bright streamers, parachutes, and xylophones.

During his four interactive play sessions, Cenydre took part in a variety of activities including: group sing-along, dancing, and drum-playing.  Each time, his whole family was able to participate, including his mom, grandparents and siblings. “It truly was such a blessing and fun time as a family, “ said his Grandmother.  “We are so thankful for this opportunity to play with Cenydre and have everyone be involved.”

To culminate all the sessions, a special day was arranged for Cenydre and his whole family to be picked-up and taken to The Therapy Place, a facility in Columbia, where “uniquely-abled” children can cut loose in a playroom supplied with innovative speech and physical therapy-based toys.  This celebration included kid-friendly snacks, tons of music, and special gifts for Cenydre!  “The family was very responsive and so thankful to just get together. Little Cenydre is just beautiful...thank you for the chance to be a part of this,” said Alison of Kindermusik.  To this day, Cenydre’s family still plays with the toys provided through Make-A-Wish and Kindermusik.  The drum is by far their favorite!


  • Cenydre and family

  • Cenydre and siblings

  • Cenydre sings

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