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A Day for a V.I.P.

  • DJ and his welcome sign

  • A reserved fitting room for DJ

  • Some great new clothes

  • DJ had a great time at Best Buy

  • Champs surprised DJ with a $500 gift card and an autographed jersey

  • Having fun at JC Penney

“ I can't believe people would do all of this for me. ”

- DJ

DJ never realized how much strangers could care until he arrived at the first red carpet on his wish to have a shopping spree.

17-year-old DJ didn't know what to expect during his shopping spree wish and with each stop, he continued to be surprised. In fact, he could not even pick a favorite store because at every one, the staff had made such tremendous efforts to customize the experience for him and make him feel special. He loved talking to a Best Buy employee about music, having a personalized fitting room at American Eagle and Footlocker and at Champs was overwhelmed by being gifted with an autographed jersey and a $500 gift card.

DJ has spent a lot of time being the kid with leukemia but on his wish, he was special for being himself. He was able to be himself and feel joyful. After the day was over, he couldn't wait to tell his family and friends all about it. The memories of his wish will be a source of happiness for years to come.

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