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Tanner's Wish for an Above Ground Pool

Tanner getting his feet wet

“ With this pool and his therapy, he WILL walk one day! ”

- Tanner's mom

Tanner is a  precious 4-year-old boy from York who has schizencephaly and cerebral palsy. Doctors told his mother at birth he would not live beyond 2 and that he would never talk or walk. Tanner, now 4, has a vocabulary of around 15 words and can walk a couple steps with assistance. Tanner receives hydrotherapy and his mother says that he is happiest when he is in the water. That is why a pool is the perfect wish for Tanner—he loves playing in the water and the pool may make it possible for him to walk on his own one day. 

On Friday, April 12th Make-A-Wish® volunteers arrived at Tanner’s home to set up his above-ground pool. Before the pool was completed, Tanner’s mom brought him out to see it. Tanner knew exactly what it was, pointed and said “pool, pool!” excitedly, with the biggest smile on his face! Tanner’s grandmother jokingly said to him that it was her pool. Tanner, still smiling, shook his head no, and said, “mine!”

There were even more treats in store for Tanner as he excitedly received pool related gifts including a float, pool shirt and towel. Once the pool was completed, Tanner, his family and volunteers enjoyed ice cream, cake and cupcakes. The cake and cupcakes even had Tanner’s favorite character—Barney!
While the pool was being filled Tanner’s mom brought him in the pool so he could get his feet wet. Tanner’s face just lit up as he splashed in the water. Tanner’s mom was extremely grateful to Make-A-Wish. She said that , “with this pool and his therapy, he WILL walk one day!” She even made sure that Tanner would be able to see who helped make it possible for him to walk  one day by snapping a picture of the volunteers after they set up the pool!

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