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Why Run?

Running Wild For Wishes allows participants- whatever their passion is and wherever it takes them- to turn their adventure into a wish-granting opportunity for SC kids facing critical illnesses.

Running Makes Wishes Come True

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Wishes have proven physical and emotional benefits that can give children with critical illnesses a higher chance of survival. There is a tremendous gap between the number of wishes Make-A-Wish grants today and the number of wishes we need to grant. Even a small contribution can transform the lives of children with critical illnesses. There are few experiences more powerful than making a wish come true and By supporting Running Wild For Wishes, participants help Make-A-Wish South Carolina grant more wishes than ever statewide this year. Take the opportunity to push your limits and experience a new kind of adventure.

Quotes from "Wild Ones"

"I signed up for Running Wild for Wishes to challenge myself but in the process I gained so much more. I have experienced half marathons in some of the most beautiful locations in America, made life-long friendships and realized the power of a wish.

I am not a habitual runner but after completing the Trailblaze Challenge and hearing about Running Wild for Wishes I thought this was another fun way to challenge myself with a great group of people while making more wishes come true. I trained hard and had a great time at the very first Running Wild for Wishes event in the Smoky Mountains. After that race I was hooked and signed up for the next Running Wild for Wishes adventure - Running Wild in the Tetons and Yellowstone. Unfortunately a few weeks into the training schedule I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was actually getting out of my car about to go on a training run when I got the call from my doctor with the confirmation that it was cancer. I was already in my running gear so after hearing the news I cried a few tears and then ran a four mile training run.

At the beginning of February, a few days after my diagnosis, my surgery was being scheduled. My surgery was proposed for the dates of the run event. I anxious to get the cancer out of my body but that date meant I would not be able to participate. I insisted that I had to have surgery as soon as possible. After surgery I took a few weeks off from running but I was able to complete my training and run both half marathons and the Yellowstone 5K. Several months later at my checkup, my doctor told me that it turns out I had a very aggressive cancer and I was extremely lucky to get it diagnosed and removed when I did. I like to think that insisting on an earlier surgery date so I did not miss Running Wild for Wishes made the difference. I am confident that continuing the training runs and staying in shape helped my healing process as well.

So this brings me to the original question. How has Running Wild for Wishes positively effected my life? I like to think that it saved my life. Physically I was able to stay in shape and it was my motivation for insisting that I not wait several months before surgery. Mentally it gave me something to look forward to and a reason to get better quickly instead of feeling sorry for myself. Being a part of wish granting has made an impact on me because I realize how important a wish can be to the healing process.

I experienced uncontrollable stressful events in the medical industry - the aggravation of trying to get an appointment when the waiting list is months long, the agony of waiting on test results and of course the stress of medical bills. Make-A-Wish allows families to escape that stress and make happy memories. I want to help as many families as possible. Every step I take in a Running Wild for Wishes adventure is one step closer to making more wishes come true. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Running Wild for Wishes Team. I can’t wait for the next adventure! "
- Elizabeth LeFevre 

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