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Paisley's Playset Creates Transformation

Paisley's wish story
Paisley's wish to have a playset set hope, strength and transformation in motion for her, her family and volunteers.
  • Paisley watches her wish.

  • Paisley sits and watches.

  • Wish kid with sign

  • Paisley's finished playset


It’s not very often that the impact of a wish becomes so immediately tangible, but that was the case for Paisley and her family.  Paisley was always a lively spirit and, because leukemia was sometimes a cloud that hung over her vivacious personality, she wished to have a playset so that she could be active in a way that worked for her.

Through the incredible generosity of wish granters and volunteers—folks like David, who worked with passion and dedication to construct the playset—Paisley's wish came true.  For David in particular, it wasn’t clear who was bringing more joy to who. "When I got there, just seeing this little girl so full of life, her smile gave me the energy to do what I needed to do," he says.

As much joy as the buildup and anticipation brought Paisley, it wasn’t until after she received her wish that something magical truly happened.  Climbing up and down the side of her playset gradually developed the strength in Paisley’s legs.  She had been going to physical therapy to grow stronger, but the more she played, the more it became apparent that she was making so much progress that Paisley was able to discontinue the physical therapy.

These benefits were more than just physical as well.  No longer having to travel all the way to MUSC for physical therapy meant that Paisley and her family could spend more time together.  This is the true gift that everyone involved in Paisley’s wish gave to her.  It was so much more that a playset; it was physical strength, and it was precious time with her family that would have otherwise been missed.  This is the power that wishes have, and anyone who partners with us at Make-A-Wish is a part of this magic.

Wishes like Paisley's aren't possible without a community that cares. It takes volunteers, donors and advocates to make wishes come true. Please help make more wishes come true for kids like Paisley. Give today. Your gift of any amount makes a difference.




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