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Amelia's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort.

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“ She kept repeating, “This is so pretty, this is so pretty.” ”

- Amelia's mom

Five-year-old Amelia from Mauldin, South Carolina likes pretty things. She dreams in colors and fluffy skirts and blue skies. When Amelia was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, life became a little less colorful. Doctor appointments muddied up the days with waiting rooms and cold offices. What could be done to bring the brightness and joy into Amelia's life again? Call Make-A-Wish!

When Make-A-Wish South Carolina met with Amelia, she expressed her one, true wish: to go to Walt Disney World® Resort. Where else is the world full of color and magic and song? For a little girl like Amelia, the Magical Kingdom® is a place where she can feel her happiest - where the outside world matches all the colors inside her heart. So, Make-A-Wish South Carolina sent her there.

Amelia and her family drove to Orlando and began their wondrous adventure together. The entire family spent days riding rides and laughing together over new discoveries. Amelia was particularly fond of the ride, "It's A Small World." She smiled gleefully while meeting characters she'd only seen in movies or in her dreams. She's not telling us what secret Minnie Mouse shared with her but we can tell by the picture that it was funny because Minnie and Amelia couldn't stop giggling.

To sum up the trip in Amelia's joyful words, according to her parents, she kept repeating, "This is so pretty, this is so pretty." Amelia's family had the time of their lives and felt that the trip made their whole family stronger. Her parents said from their point of view, "This was a trip of a lifetime and the best choice Amelia could have made."

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