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Jesse's wish to visit Yellowstone.

Jesse visiting Yellowstone

“ We had one of the greatest times ever ”

- Jesse's mom and dad

Bulls, bison, and bears, oh my! Aside from the zoo, where can you go to see many types of animals roaming around? Jesse, a young boy with leukemia, asked himself this question when he met with wish granters, and all signs pointed to Yellowstone for this nature lover! So, in June of 2012, Jesse and his family headed west for his wish.

As soon as Jesse and his family arrived in Jackson Hole, they were amazed by the natural beauty surrounding them. The area was picture perfect, and Jesse was thrilled to spot wildlife roaming freely everywhere around him. In fact, on their very first night at the hotel, a bull was herding bison out of the parking lot! It took the family by surprise… especially Jesse’s dad, Willie, who was walking out to the car until he spotted the bull and took cover behind a tree!

In the midst of their exploring, the family also had a few special activities arranged for their time in Yellowstone. Jesse especially liked his time at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, where he was able to hide food in the bear habitat. When the bears were brought back into the habitat, he watched as they foraged for his hidden treats! His guide even took him behind-the-scenes to meet a “professional” bear who tested trashcans for animal proofing.

By the end of his wish, Jesse had experienced the great outdoors in a way that he could not have anticipated! Jesse’s parents, Judy and Willie, were blown away by all of the amazing people who helped to make Jesse’s wish memorable. “We had one of the greatest times ever, and eveyone made Jesse's wish fantastic!

Jesse returned home today and had nothing but smiles and great stories to share with everyone.

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