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Luke's wish to have a Mustang renovation

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“ "You could read by the light in his eyes that this is his wish." ”

- volunteer, Michelle

17-year-old Luke wished to have his family's 1965 Mustang renovated - the same Mustang his mom drove in high school. Now, the community is coming together to help make Luke's wish come true.

This is part 2 in a series of stories chronicling Luke's wish.

Growing up, Luke would travel to his grandfather's house in Georgia where he would stare at the 1965 Mustang that sat in the yard. Though it sat undriveable and rusting, the Mustang triggered his imagination. He knew his mother had once driven the very same car. What would it be like to drive it?

One day, Luke received terrible news. A doctor told him a diagnosis no one wants to hear. Luke had cancer. The following days were difficult for Luke while he dealt with his Hodgkin's lympoma; hospitals, treatments and not being able to see his friends. Through all those days, Luke had a dream that he could focus on that brought him joy: driving that renovated Mustang. Luke envisioned the 1965 Mustang shiny and roaring from a thunderous engine. He could almost feel the grip of the wheel under his hands.

When Luke was visited by Make-A-Wish South Carolina volunteers, he told them of his dream. Volunteer, Michelle wrote, 

"Even though Luke is finishing treatment, you could read in his body language and by the light in his eyes that this is his wish. He said that this has been his dream for a long time but that he knew the family couldn't afford it."

Make-A-Wish South Carolina reached out to The Mustang Shop. With the help of these generous donors, Luke's wish is coming true. The Mustang Shop is helping teach Luke about all the details that go into a major automobile renovation. Not wanting to just watch the work unfold, Luke is actively participating in his wish. The team at The Mustang Shop has gladly let Luke take on the challenge of helping with the body work of the aged vehicle. Luke told Michelle that he hopes the knowledge he gains from this experience will allow him to help his family restore his father's old Camaro.

Luke's inspiring wish displays the power of community. Many vendors and shops have come together to help make Luke's wish come true. 

Stay tuned to watch over the coming months as Luke's wish unfolds but the car comes together. 

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