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Emily and Kiss

“ She was a carefree little girl who rocked out with her favorite band. ”

- mom

“She was a carefree little girl who rocked out with her favorite band. The whole trip was so good for her to be able to let loose and have fun.”

Music has the capacity to heighten daily experiences. It can create joy, inspiration and motivation. For Emily, music enhances her life in positive ways. Days when she can get lost in the healing power of a rhythmic beat are her favorite.  The band that helps Emily best is none other than the rock band KISS.

Despite a large generational gap, 12-year-old Emily has loved them since she was a small child. She found herself drawn to the heart-pounding style of KISS. Their music makes her feel exhilarated.

She often dreamed of seeing her favorite band in concert but because of her nervous system disorder never thought it could be a reality. Along came a wish that made it real.  

For her wish, Emily flew to Denver to see KISS live in concert. For two and a half hours, the band sang to Emily and made her feel like a queen. Even the drummer, her favorite band member, threw her his drumstick at the end of the concert. That drumstick has yet to leave Emily’s grasp.

Thanks to the fulfillment of her wish, Emily’s love of rock music is a reminder of a time when her illness was not a factor. She can bravely rock and roll all night and let the joy radiate through her knowing that there are people ready to rock along with her.

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